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          Company Profile: Kingkey Investment Group Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as KK Group) is a comprehensive cooperation which focusing on industrial investment, industrial management and financial services. The main shareholders of KK group come from Shenzhen, where the forefront of reform and opening-up of mainland China has been located. And the management system is consistent with Shenzhen Kingkey group , one of the top 100 private enterprises in China. The key management teams of KK group are composed of some senior industry professionals and demobilized cadres from the General Staff Department (GSD) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), the headquarters of Guangzhou Military Area Command, Political Department ect.. Under the corporate philosophy "Responsibility is Kingkey’s primary standard, and innovation is its spirit", the Kingkeyese devote themselves to the business of western development and Pan-beibu gulf economic zone opening development. With industry's development and planning strategy as a guid, by industrial chain integration to set up a full-fledged investment and finance platform and form a entity and financial operation simultaneously development structure.

          KK group always carry out the core concepts “Hold the world with virtue, Win-win with the world”, adhere to the enterprise spirit “Unity, learning, struggle and innovation”, insists on the career spirit “Sincerity, diligent, simple, cautious”, keep pace with times and engage in exploitation and innovation. Kingkeyese catch the development opportunity “China-ASEAN Free Trade Area” and “Pan-beibu gulf economic zone”, make full use of group’s advantages to build a top-notch, large and sustainable development group corporation.



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